Monday, July 2, 2012

POSIES - 24 Party Girl Ad

New fun set, PARTY GIRL, which is available at POSIES. This set is the life of the party and the downs of the party. Be happy, get drunk, and feel the hang over!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scandalous for HOT as HELL Hunt

This is a HOT pose set for the HOT as HELL Hunt. The whole SET is FREE from June 20th till July 20th, but the catch is that you just have to find it!
This set is to show off those avatar curves, be sexy, and of course SCANDALOUS! Its a more mature version of its nicer twin set, Beachy Chic.

Beachy Chic @ POSIES

Beachy Chic is now available at POSIES. This set is an amazing summer fun kind of set to show off your amazing avatar in a flirty kind of way!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Total Crop Out

Total Crop Out by Anatalia Honi(POSIES)
Total Crop Out, a photo by Anatalia Honi(POSIES) on Flickr.

Random picture that I made. Totally not what I was going for when I first started but then again didnt know what I was going for, LOL. I hope you like it!

POSIES Pre-Release @ Fashion Limited

New upcoming set at POSIES which is available at Fashion Limited for %50 off!

Friday, May 11, 2012

POSIES - 19 FairyBoy

Male Fairynessness? What is this? LOL. So I believe that there isnt many male fairy poses out there. I decided to really sit down and be fair this time around and make some male fairyness happen. I want to finally give guys an equal amount of attention and I hope that they will notice. So guys, you better notice because I have some amazing products lining up and coming your way! Fairy Boy is available at the store already so come and swing by! Technically fly by, HAHA!
POSIES - 19 FairyBoy Ad by Anatalia Honi(POSIES)
POSIES - 19 FairyBoy Ad, a photo by Anatalia Honi(POSIES) on Flickr.

POSIES - 18 I Am Fae

So I finally completed the full I Am Fae set. I hope that you all enjoy the complete set. I know that this is a little random from what I usually produce, but thats just how I am. RANDOM, so anyway with this set being out. I will be working on a Male Fairy set as well and a Fae and Fairy AO. How exciting!?!?
POSIES - 18 I Am Fae by Anatalia Honi(POSIES)
POSIES - 18 I Am Fae, a photo by Anatalia Honi(POSIES) on Flickr.